Tanzania Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Society (TACSS) was formed in February 2017 where it operated under common understanding between the group of five people who under the organization constitution were regarded as founder members. The organization initiated official legal registration process since September, 2020 until when it was officially registered in February 2021 as a Non-Governmental Organization under the Tanzania Law (NGO Act 2002). As a local, young, small and fastest growing organization in Tanzania, TACSS long strides are spearhead by highly motivated and experienced team. Currently, the organization is looking into building more partnerships and widening her networking and operations working to address climate change challenges through various pathways. We envision a people free community from climate change and vulnerabilities regardless of their gender, geographical location, education, economic status, age, color, religion and ethnicity. We believe in inclusive and participatory approaches for an effective planning and implementation of various interventions that contribute to peace and security, poverty reduction, wellbeing and sustainable development.