TACSS has raised tree planting campaigns in October, 2021

As part of the climate mitigation initiative, TACSS mobilized communities in Kyabirugu village of Muleba district in Tanzania to plant 5,000 trees in early October 2021. More than 90 households, 51 men and 39 women participated in this campaign.

“Trees to us is money and future, once matured we can take loan and solve our financial issues” said one of the participating women. In addition, The National Coordinator of TACSS Ms. Irene Mwesiga said, planted trees plays a significant role in ensuring that the community realized key ecosystem services for their survival. These communities will acquire firewood fuel for cooking as well as timber and cattle food. Importantly, these trees will significantly absorb more greenhouse gases such as carbon and the like thus contributing to maintain our planet well below 1.5 degrees Celsius of temperature. TACSS call for continued actions as such for conserving our environment and mitigating climate change scenario

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