Message From National Coordinator

Climate change and vulnerability impacts are magnifying from day to day. Our ecosystems are degrading at alarming rate threatening biodiversity including human lives. Species on earth are trying to adapt and mitigate impacts of the changing climate. In a process, poor communities are extremely hit and while facing limited capacity to become more resilient on the changing climate.Tanzania Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Society (TACSS) in collaboration with local and international stakeholders works to support building adaptive capacity of poor communities while promoting mitigation measures for low carbon development.

TACSS join hand this initiative through networking and partnerships, capacity enhancement, conducting research, evidence-based advocacy, good governance, fostering low emission and sustainable development pathways, and practices.From this base, I therefore call for multidimensional approaches that intend to utilize informed interventions for better policies and practices for human well-being and fostering sustainable development.

Renewable Energy

Driving initiatives toward sustainable solutions and community empowerment.


Climate Services

We primary focus on climate services for community resilience and empowerment.


Recycle Project

Promoting recycling initiatives, ensuring sustainable practices for a greener future


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At TACSS, Together We can change Tommorrow

At TACSS, we believe in the collective power of our community to enact meaningful change for tomorrow. Through collaboration, dedication, and shared vision, we are committed to forging a brighter and more sustainable future. Together, we strive to address pressing environmental challenges, empower local communities, and build resilience in the face of climate change. Join us in our mission to create positive and lasting impact for generations to come.

  • Climate Resilience and Mitigation
  • Climate Services and Justice
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Training and Advocacy
  • Wash
  • Biodversity Conservation




Our Key Focus Area

At TACSS, our focus is on driving environmental sustainability through innovative projects and collaborative partnerships.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

TACSS focuses on promoting clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and support the Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7)

Climate Resilience and Mitigation

Our energy is wholly dedicated to supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing the resilience of local communities and implementing mitigation measures against climate change vulnerabilities

Climate Services and Justice

TACSS provide climate services aiming to mitigate the impacts of increasing weather and climate unpredictability on vulnerable Tanzanian communities

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Join Us on Our Projects

At TACSS, our projects encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and resilience within our communities.



TACSS has raised tree planting campaigns

As part of the climate mitigation initiative, TACSS mobilized communities in Kyabirugu village of Muleba district in Tanzania to plant



TACSS have supported one local entrepreneur in Kagera region

TACSS have supported one local entrepreneur in Kagera region, North Western part of Tanzania to scale up own and locally



Climate services and renewable energy for sustainable development and poverty reduction

Realization of Climate services and renewable energy technologies for accelerating sustainable development and poverty reduction


Donator's Reviews

Discover what donors have to say about their experiences supporting TACSS and the impact of their contributions.

“TACSS goes above and beyond in their efforts to address climate change challenges. As a donor, I appreciate their commitment to innovation and collaboration, which ensures our donations are maximized for positive impact.”

“I've been supporting TACSS for years, and I continue to be impressed by their passion and effectiveness in tackling environmental issues. Their focus on community engagement and empowerment sets them apart, making them a worthy cause to support.”

“Donating to TACSS has been a fulfilling experience. Their dedication to promoting sustainability and resilience is evident in every project they undertake. I'm confident that my contributions are contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.”

“TACSS's approach to environmental challenges is both holistic and impactful. As a donor, I appreciate their emphasis on transparency and accountability, ensuring that every donation is used efficiently and effectively to address pressing environmental issues.”

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